Personal Development

Truth About Self Help Programs: Video

The Truth About Self Help Programs We spend billions each year on self improvement tools and programs, yet we still feel miserable. Are we wasting our money? In this episode, I share tips on how to avoid the hype and false promises of quick-fix programs. Plus, I’ll...

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Reframing: Practicing What We Teach

Words matter. As a social worker and coach, I use the reframing technique to help people shift their thinking and end negative self talk. Learn how your word choices have the powerful ability to change your life.

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What Does Your Inner Critic Say? Video

Negative Self Talk: What Does Your Inner Critic Say? Video It’s hurtful when other people say mean things to us, but what happens to our self-esteem when we bully ourselves. Is your inner critic keeping you from being your best self? Nikole...

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Finding Your Truth Video

Finding Your Truth Video Are you living your truth? And better yet, what does living an authentic life really mean? In today's episode, I explore what it means to find your truth. I identify the one common motivator we all share in our pursuit...

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Know Your Truth

Know Your Truth Don't let your circumstances define you. Feeling lost is our soul's way of letting us know we have disconnected from our true sense of self. Dream. Imagine. Remember who you are meant to be. Become bigger than your circumstances.

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Words Shape Our Life Outlook

How Words Shape Your OutlookWhy does school curriculum place so much importance on grammar and completely ignore linguistics and the power of our words?A common complaint from my clients in their 20s & 30s is that they experience a great deal of insecurity when it...

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Good Energy

Good Energy Went into the yard, pulled some oranges from the tree, and pressed some fresh juice this morning. No biggie, right? Except for the fact that these oranges started out as seeds. Those seeds knew how to absorb the exact amount of nutrients from the soil...

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Have you heard the saying, “what you resist, persist?” Here’s the irony of avoidance: we’ll often exert tremendous effort and energy to avoid our truth because we’re so afraid of the work of healing our wounds and changing our minds. You can’t avoid growth…you can...

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