Personal Development

Reviving Your Career Video

Are you a helping professional struggling with burnout, doubt, and/or dis-satisfaction? You are not alone. We’ve all had jobs that felt like the life was being sucked out of us. In this episode of the My Inner Therapist podcast, Nikole shares her 5...

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Make New Years Resolutions on the Daily

Think about it. We celebrate a new year with excitement and optimism. We willingly let go of the past and say a ceremonial bah-bye to our old way of living. We allow ourselves to think and dream of new possibilities. We become self motivated, resolved, and committed...

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Stress Eating: How to Stop

Emotional eating and cravings can lead to weight gain, obesity, food addictions, and cause you to develop chronic feelings of guilt, shame, and powerlessness. Learn why we do it and how to stop.

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The Meaning of Success

The Meaning of Success The pressure to conform can be intense. I know this from personal experience. I bought into other people's idea of success which was to acquire wealth and then surround myself with material things that represented my wealth. Got the bigger...

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When Beliefs Influence Identity

Beliefs and Being Our Authentic Self The problem is that some of our beliefs are not in alignment with our true self. We’ve adopted them from parents, peers, news, advertisements; never challenging their validity. We accept them without question. And then we use these...

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