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The Power of Reframing

When left unchecked, our inner critic can become the only voice we hear. It's the mind's instinct to protect us from potential risk, failure, and pain. All of us can relate to the experience of "putting ourselves out there" only to be rejected, dismissed, or deemed a...

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How Words Affirm Our Emotions

Whether you're engaged in self talk or speaking out loud, your words become an affirmation. We subconsciously affirm with thoughts and words which have a profound impact on the meaning and perspective of our experiences. Be mindful of your words and get to know the...

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Find New Words

Find New Words Be thoughtful with your words. They create and shape your future. When you speak and ruminate on your past, you will remain stuck there. Find new words.

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Know Your Worth Image

You would never drink or bathe in this water yet we allow toxic people in our lives and toxic substances in our bodies. Put a filter on your life. Be selective. Know your worth.   #selfworth #selflove #noisacompletesentence

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Emotional Pain: How to Cope

What is Emotional Pain? Emotional pain is what we feel when we experience negative emotions. Although it is not the same as physical pain, it can be just as intense and even more debilitating. Emotional pain can show up in the form of depression, anger, hate, guilt,...

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Are Motivational Programs Worth It?

Do Motivational Programs Work? If you’ve ever attended a motivational program or watched a motivational video, chances are you got a little contact high. I’m talking about that feeling of being energized and convinced that your life is about to change. This high is...

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Finding Your Tribe of Women

Calling all Women! It’s time for a candid talk about how we tear each other down. Now, more than ever, we need to look past our difference and learn to support and uplift each other. Get tips on how to find your tribe of supportive women friends.

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