Uncover & Unlearn the Limiting Beliefs That Destroy Your Confidence

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This is a Supportive, Positive, Fun and Empowering Class Experience. It Includes Exploration, Stories, Concepts, Guided Exercises, and Skill Development and Practice.

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Are Your Beliefs Moving You in the Right Direction?

Have you ever been driving and sensed that your GPS app was giving you the wrong directions, but you kept following them anyway? Better yet, would you ever walk up to someone who looks lost and ask them for directions?

I know. It doesn’t make any sense to follow the directions of a malfunctioning device or a lost stranger. Yet we do this everyday in our personal lives. And we’ve been doing it for a long time.

In the same way that directions help you to navigate the roadways; your beliefs help you to navigate life. Your beliefs influence how you engage with the world and other people, but more importantly they determine how feel about yourself.

Yet most of your beliefs are not actually yours. Yes, you heard me right. You have been living your life based on a set of beliefs that were imposed on you by other people. You inherited them like hand-me-down clothes. And because they were never yours to begin with, they don’t fit.

These Limiting Beliefs Often Show Up As:


  • Insecurity and a lack of trust in your natural abilities
  • Constant anxiety about doing or saying the right thing
  • Your relentless inner critic sabotaging your confidence
  • Rules, thoughts, and language that impose limits on you
  • Tireless work of having to be something you’re not
  • Disconnect from your true self and the life you want
  • A nagging sense you’re not living up to your potential


You Should Take This Course If

What People Are Saying

I took Nikole’s small group workshop about the power of re-framing beliefs that don’t serve us. The four hours flew by and I found myself wishing we had more time! The workshop itself was fun and informative. Nikole is hilarious and has a way of making these lofty goals feel reachable. It was also incredible to watch Nikole interpret our conversations in real time and bring to light these lifelong beliefs that we’ve been holding on to. We walked away from the workshop with tangible next steps on how to leave these old thoughts behind and navigate toward thoughts that suit us. I would encourage anyone to attend this workshop even if you think you don’t need to!

Kristina Fox

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“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” ~ Gloria Steinum

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

As a social worker and counselor, I noticed my clients struggled with one of two things: they were either unable to identify their limiting beliefs or they were aware of their limiting beliefs but felt powerless to change them.

This blind spot or obstacle is also the reason why many self development programs, books, seminar, and courses only achieve temporary change. They may teach you a new way of thinking but don’t address the powerful beliefs lurking in your subconscious that are driving your behavior.

Identifying these limiting beliefs can feel difficult because they are deeply embedded in our inner dialogue. To the extent that we can’t always hear them. It’s like living next to a train track. Over time, you stop hearing the train.

If you recorded every thought that came into your mind and listened to it at the end of the day, you would hear these limiting, critical messages. My goal is to guide and teach you how to record your thoughts so we can bring what’s hidden into view.

This is a 60-Minute Live Online Class!

Through guided exercises, you will learn how to identify your limiting beliefs. And even more importantly, you’ll be able to connect the dots between your beliefs and your benavior.

This is an active learning class, which means you’ll be developing your self awareness skills and putting them to practice, in class!

You’ll get the information and tools you need, along with hands-on support from me, walking you through the process.


What You Need to Know About This Course.


  • I limit the number of attendees because a smaller class size allows me to answer more questions and give individual support.


  • What you get out of this course is totally dependent on the effort you put into it. You can choose to share with the group or work privately in the background. However, the more you share, the more I’m able to help.


  • I only offer this live course a few times a year so don’t sleep on this opportunity. I love group work but frankly, it takes a considerable amount of energy to facilitate this course. So, seize the opportunity! 

What People Are Saying

Nikole will help you designed phrases which feel authentic to your needs so you can begin to transform with conviction. She gives you the tools you need to reapply the process as you evolve. She is organized, insightful, and prepared; with a depth of experience of real-life challenges. You will leave this session feeling equipped with the skill of reframing!

Julie Stephens


How I Discovered My Limiting Beliefs

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Only $97. Class Size is Limited.  Reserve Your Seat.

What People Are Saying

Nikole’s class and exercises helped me navigate through the process of identifying the underlying beliefs that had been unaddressed for decades!

Maria Perez


When the Beliefs Driving Your Insecurities Turn Out to be Untrue

If you have moments when you question if you are good enough, or worry about rejection, or don’t pursue your goals out of fear of failure; all those thoughts are rooted in insecurity-driven beliefs.

What if you were able to uncover the beliefs fueling your insecurity, only to find they are based on false or inaccurate information.

Having gone through the process, I can tell you what it feels like. It’s like the time I went to soft-opening of a friend’s clothing boutique. I decided to try on these faux leather pants and was horrified when I couldn’t get them over my hips! I had either gained weight or was totally delusional about being a size 6.

When I told my friend what happened, she laughed and explained that I had picked from the “sample rack” and so the pants had been fabricated to fit a no-hip-having model. Cue huge sigh of relief.

Nothing was wrong with me. I was normal and the pants were never meant to fit me.

That’s exactly what it feels like to realize you have been governing your life with beliefs that don’t fit. Put simply, you’re not the problem. You’ve acquired a closet full of beliefs that don’t fit your needs.

So, you can push through life wearing someone else’s tight faux leather pants OR you can get ones that fit.


Class Includes:


– Confirmation Email

– Instructions to Join Class

– Pre-Class Quiz

– Self Discovery Worksheet




– Concept Workbook

– NLP Word Guide

– Reframing Worksheet

– Confidence Booster




– Inner Boss Playlist

– Email Follow Up


Life Outlook Video Flashcards Reframing Tool



Class Structure

Course Introduction

The Science of Believing

Module 1

The Origin of Your Beliefs


Module 2

Your Inner Storyteller


Wrap Up: Q & A

Open Forum to Ask the Instructor Questions


Module 3

Meet Your Inner Critic

  • Exercise – Identify Negative Self Talk

Module 4

Starring Role of Your Movie: Your New Script

  • Exercise: Change the Word, Change the Meaning

What You’ll Learn

Proven, Powerful, & Practical Strategies to Identify and Transform the Beliefs That Work Against You

Create a Practice of Self Awareness

You’ll have the skills to guide yourself into the practice of self awareness using your discovery questions and emotional GPS.

Identify Where Your Beliefs Really Come From

You’ll learn how to trace your belief back to it’s origin and determine if it was inherited, assumed, or created.

Test the Validity & Motivation of Your Beliefs

You’ll learn which questions to ask in order to determine if your belief is invalid or false and the driving force behind the belief.

Use Emotional Intelligence to Find Your Truth

You’ll learn how emotional intelligence can help you determine if a belief is in alignment with your true desires.

Reframe Any Belief So It Serves You

You’ll learn the powerful skill of reframing and how it changes the meaning of your words.

How to Maintain Your Confidencene

When you are faced with a challenging experience, you’ll have a practice in place to help boost and maintain your confidence.

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Only $97. Class Size is Limited.  Reserve Your Seat.

What People Are Saying

Nikole is a very good presenter. She is very good at getting to the core of beliefs and helping you to reframe them in a positive way. Nikole has a wealth of knowledge. She is highly qualified to be a self-development coach.

Kristen Humphrey

Become the Star of Your Movie

When you see yourself as the lead in your own movie, you radically transform how you perceive and treat yourself, how you speak to yourself, and what you believe you can achieve in life.

Most people go through their whole lives without ever empowering themselves to change what isn’t working—and without ever looking within to understand why it isn’t.

This is your opportunity to take a deeper look. This is also your moment to decide that other people’s beliefs aren’t good enough for you. Let them go. Clear the clutter so you can begin to see your truth. You don’t need to follow other people’s directions and adhere to their rules. Give yourself permission to create your own rules and beliefs.

You are in control. It’s so easy to succumb to the mindset that you’re being pushed and pulled by life circumstances but that is not your truth. You are in charge. This is your story.

An Investment With a Lifetime Payoff


I understand this course is an investment of your time and money. And I’d be honored if you choose to make that investment with me. But it goes against my nature to sell you false promises and mind-blowing results.

What I will say is that I’ve used the same information and techniques to liberate myself and support my clients in the work of their own liberation. And I know that if you show up for yourself and do the work, you will experience the same liberation and empowerment.

I truly believe in the power of this information. This course was created with the hope of helping you learn the skills to liberate yourself from the beliefs that hold you back.

The true you is ready to meet the world. I’m here to introduce her.


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Only $97. Class Size is Limited. Reserve Your Seat.