Online Counseling

The fastest way to change your life is to change your mind

Losing Our Way


We are born with the need and potential to grow. And while you may not want to hear this, we need to experience adversity and pain to do so.

When unforeseen challenges like trauma, loss, abuse, and illness occur, it can blindside us and put our lives into a tailspin.

Some us create adversity and crisis in our lives by acting out our pain in the form of addiction or self-destructive behaviors.

The bottom line is this…adversity, crisis, pain: it has the power to consume you and take over your life, but it also has the power to elevate you to a higher state of being. It can light the fire that fuels you to become wiser, confident, strong, and more self awareness.

Why Change Feels So Hard


We are hardwired to avoid pain. When we are in distress, or fearful, or uncertain, our brain tells us it’s time to go into survival mode.

You may know it as fight or flight. We either prepare for battle, surrender, or we retreat in attempt to protect ourselves from the unknown.

Why We Surrender or Retreat


Common reasons include:

Self doubt – we doubt our abilities to overcome

Pathology – we we’re never taught how to manage our emotions; we we’re raised by parents or caregivers that lacked these skills; or we inherited the pain and faulty beliefs of our parents

Environment – we live in a society where women are constantly being told we’re not enough, we’re weak, we’re too emotional, we’re not smart enough, and that we need men to protect us

Lack of Self Awareness – when you are weighted down by depression, fear, pain, and the responsibility of being all to everyone; it’s difficult to see the truth

Work With Me


Together, we’ll discover and strengthen your emotional resilience. You will learn to manage your emotions and heal your own pain. You will learn how to create the life, career, and relationships you desire. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


“You must remember…you are smarter and more powerful than your circumstances.”

Empowerment Counseling Services

1 on 1 Counseling

Empowerment coaching starts by helping you develop self awareness. You’ll come to understand how your beliefs, behaviors and emotions keep you stuck. Based on your unique needs, we’ll create a practice of self love that will boost your confidence and self worth; thereby ending your dependence on others for validation.

You’ll learn how to interpret and manage your emotions without them controlling or consuming you. With a clear heart and mind, you’ll create new vocabulary, beliefs, and goals. You’ll set intentions that will become your mental road maps to living your best life and being your most authentic self.

Group Counseling

Group coaching is a wonderful alternative to individual coaching sessions. It’s a great option for groups of five or more persons who desire to focus on a specific topic or challenge (healing emotional pain, stress management, self-love, relationship issues, abuse survivors).

This service is available via video conference or in-person in the LA & Orange County area. Think of the group as a small class where members can ask their own questions. If you’d like me to coach a group of friends, family, co-workers or members of an organization; send me a request via email.

email: [email protected]

Online Coaching Offers You the Benefits  of:


Video and phone sessions can be offered at more flexible times than in-person coaching. This means sessions can sometimes be arranged with minimum prior notice.



In-person sessions include the associated costs of office space and travel. With phone/online sessions, these costs are eliminated, and the savings is passed on to you.



Video and phone sessions offer some anonymity if you prefer a higher level of privacy. It’s also beneficial if you are uncomfortable answering personal questions in-person and prefer the buffer that phone and video coaching provides. Many clients feel less inhibited and more comfortable.



Get the support you need from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you can connect to the internet, or speak privately by phone. This is especially beneficial if you are a parent, housebound, or you just feel more relaxed in your own home.


Availability is Limited!

I limit private sessions to a handful of clients. To secure your sessions, contact me immediately. I will respond within 72 hours and schedule a phone consult so we can determine if my services are a good fit for your needs.