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Instablog – Good Energy

Went into the yard, pulled some oranges from the tree, and pressed some fresh juice this morning. No biggie, right? Except for the fact that these oranges started out as seeds. Those seeds knew how to absorb the exact amount of nutrients from the soil which had been...

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Instablog – Success

The pressure to conform can be intense. I know this from personal experience. I bought into other people's idea of success which was to acquire wealth and then surround myself with material things that represented my wealth. Got the bigger house, filled it with more...

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Instablog – Power of Words

Be thoughtful with your words. They create and shape your future. When you speak and ruminate on your past, you will remain stuck there. Find new words. #lifecoaching, #mindset, #newyou, #womeninspiringwomen, #instablog Follow Me on Instagram @myinnertherapist

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Know Your Worth Image

You would never drink or bathe in this water yet we allow toxic people in our lives and toxic substances in our bodies. Put a filter on your life. Be selective. Know your worth.   #selfworth #selflove #noisacompletesentence

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When Beliefs Influence Identity

Beliefs and Being Our Authentic Self The problem is that some of our beliefs are not in alignment with our true self. We’ve adopted them from parents, peers, news, advertisements; never challenging their validity. We accept them without question. And then we use these...

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Emotional Pain: How to Cope

What is Emotional Pain? Emotional pain is what we feel when we experience negative emotions. Although it is not the same as physical pain, it can be just as intense and even more debilitating. Emotional pain can show up in the form of depression, anger, hate, guilt,...

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