Is Empowerment Coaching the same as Counseling or Therapy?
Counseling and therapy are traditionally conducted by a clinician and is designed to help people heal from emotional disorders, past trauma, or psychological barriers that make it difficult for them to function. It typically requires that clients be assessed, diagnosed, and treated with a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

Empowerment coaching helps people to develop new skills and build on their strengths to adapt or cope with difficult life circumstances or a challenging life event. Coaching also encourages the development of belief systems and habits needed for personal growth. Think of it this way, therapy is about figuring out why something happens whereas coaching is about making things happen

Is Empowerment Coaching covered by insurance?
No, unfortunately empowerment coaching is not currently covered by insurance. Since some people may not be able to afford this out-of-pocket cost, I offer a variety of low-cost video programs that offer some of the same helpful solutions and advice that you would get from private sessions.
What is online coaching?
Online coaching is a broad term that basically refers to any form of coaching that is conducted over the Internet. This could be by phone, over a video chat using computer software such as Skype, Whats App, or Google Hangouts. The software is free and is easy to download, and no special equipment is needed. All that is required is a webcam and a microphone, which most laptops and computers come fitted with.
How does telephone coaching work?
Telephone coaching works the same way as in-person coaching but is conducted over the phone. I offer coaching by phone for clients who don’t have access to the internet, prefer the flexibility of speaking by phone, or those who are simply uncomfortable with the idea of video chatting.
Is online and phone coaching effective?
With so many people now online, video coaching and coaching-by-phone are ideal options for the many people who can’t afford in-person coaching; are uncomfortable with in-person coaching; or simply prefer the convenience.

Just like with in-person coaching or counseling, your success and outcomes are totally based on your coach’s skills and your commitment to do the work. Having a connection with your coach or counselor is vitally important, whether in-person or online.

What happens during the first session?
Think of the first session as a meet-n-greet. I will share information with you about my background and my coaching techniques. I will review my confidentiality policy and disclaimer policy with you at this time. I will also ask you some basic questions about your concerns and goals.

This is our opportunity to get to know one another. I STRONGLY encourage you to ask questions about my services and experience during our initial session. Anytime you are choosing a coach or counselor, you should select someone you feel comfortable with and someone who seems knowledgeable.

Why do I get transferred to another website when I go to purchase a program or book?
I use third-party merchants like Digital Product Delivery (DPD), PayPal and vendors like Amazon to help sell my products. I take this extra step to make sure that your credit card information is safe and secured. It also allows for you to get immediate access to digital download purchases. When you click on BUY NOW buttons, you are automatically transferred to the merchant’s check-out or vendor’s storefront. Once your transaction is complete, you are automatically transferred back to my website.
What is your return/refund policy?
Digital Information can’t be “returned” so there is a “No Refund” Policy for all digital download products purchased directly through this website or any of my vendors. All digital eBooks, guides, videos, and programs are subject to this policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, your only recourse is to discontinue use of my products and services or cancel a memberships or subscriptions. For physical products like softcover books or CDs purchased through one of my vendors, I direct you to contact the vendor and inquire about their respective refund policy.
I did not receive the email or the link for my digital download. What should I do?
For items purchased through Digital Product Delivery (DPD), please send me email through the contact page of this website to include a summary of your issue, your order number, and if possible, a copy of any error messages or notifications. I will make all efforts to resolve the issue, however some technical issues may be beyond my resolve or on the users’ end. Most of these issues can be easily resolved. Refunds will be made to users when DPD or Payment processors are at fault for unsuccessful purchases. For items purchased through one of my vendors such as Amazon, I direct you to contact the vendor directly. The purchase confirmation email you received should have instructions on what to do in this situation. Please understand that I don’t have access to any information regarding your transaction with the vendor. I encourage you to let me know if your issue with the vendor was unresolved.
Do you guarantee your products?
Absolutely! The information, tools, and strategies in all my products are based on 20 plus years of professional experience and evidence-based research. Meaning, the information has been proven effective in both clinical and private settings and is based on current research and practices in the field of psychology, social work, nutrition, and neuroscience. However, I can’t guarantee YOUR results. Only you can take this information and put it into action. I provide the information, tools, and resources but you need to do the work of practical life application.
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