A Shared Experience

When I reflect on my career choices, I see how becoming a social worker was a fantastic distraction from my own problems. Here’s a secret about therapist and other mental health professionals; we have problems too. You can have a great recipe and still make a crappy cake. 

From the perspective of friends and family…I was killing it. I was the only female in my entire extended family to have earned a graduate degree. I owned a home, drove a nice car, made good money, and had a healthy retirement account.

But the intuitive part of me knew better. I wanted to be free from the negative thoughts and outdated narratives that were keeping me from reaching my potential. And so, I set out on the journey to heal myself and was so disappointed by all the quick-fix, trendy coaching programs making promises they couldn’t keep.

Nikole Seals, MSW

If You Can’t Find It, Create It

When I couldn’t find the support and resources I needed, I decided to create it myself. Programs and tools need to be simple and practical. They should be tailored to meet our unique needs and based on scientifically-proven techniques and stratgies.

My Mission 

My mission is to support your journey and help you develop the skills to unlock closed doors and reconnect you with your natural resilience.


life coaching Nikole

“We should be thriving but too often we get stuck in the habit of surviving our circumstances.”

The Good Stuff

I’m highly sensitive to people’s (and animals!) energy and pain.

If a stray dog is on the side of the road, best believe I’m trying to rescue it.

I feel the need to save every glass jar I bring into my house.

I love to dance and will do so to the point of injury.

I refill my tank by spending time in nature and playing with my dog.

I swear when necessary and because it just feels right.

I think humor is more effective than anti-depressants.