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  Why Change Feels Hard & How You Can Make It Last

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Does change have to be difficult? Is it really possible to change your life in 7 days like some programs promise?

Change is the one constant in life and can’t be avoided. Listen in as Nikole explains why we tend to resist change and how a simple shift in your thinking will set you up for a smooth transition.

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Its Not Easy to See Your Own Limitations

It’s hard to be self aware in a world that’s meant to distract you. You’ve got endless streaming of shows to keep you entertained; social-media to make you feel connected; medications to numb the pain; and same-day delivered products to add excitement to your day.

And you know what all those distractions have in common? They are temporary. But in those quiet moments when you’re alone with your thoughts; you silently admit your truth.

There are experiences you want to have that feel out of your reach. There is a version of you that is dying to be liberated from the memories, beliefs, and emotions that keep you stuck in the past. You want the freedom to be yourself and the ability to create a fulfilling and successful life.

And here’s where it gets confusing because you want to become the “ideal” version of yourself but at the same time you feel resistant to the idea of change.


What You Resist Persist

Avoidance.   Staying Distracted.   Denial.   Masquerading.   Numbing.   Holding on to the Past.

These are some of the ways we attempt to protect ourselves from accepting our truth.

These mental games hold you hostage and keep you stuck in your old patterns. Patterns that drive you:

  • To feel overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure
  • To sabotage your opportunities
  • To isolate to the point of unbearable loneliness
  • To compare yourself to others to determine your worth
  • To stay in unfulfilling work/career
  • To stay in unfulfilling/unhealthy relationship
  • To seek love and acceptance from people you don’t even know
  • To put other people’s needs before your own
  • To numb yourself with food, alcohol, or medications

The problem is that most people lack the self awareness, tools, and support needed to make the transformation on their own.

But not you. Because you found your way here. And I’m offering you the tools, support, and coaching you need.

Practice & Develop at Your Own Pace & Set Your Own Schedule

Self Talk Reboot

Self Help Tools

You must have conscious awareness of the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and words you use before you can transform them. Only then can you create the life you want.

I created tools, like the Self Talk Reboot, to help you identify dis-empowering patterns in your language, thoughts, and beliefs. Each tool is designed to teach you the skills needed to silence your inner critic and get rid of old thoughts of lack and limitation.

*Get step-by-step guidance, fun innovative tools, and musical melodies to help reinforce your learning.

When You Discover Your Inner Therapist, You Become Empowered

You have a natural intelligence. It’s the same intelligence that makes your heart beat, heals your wounds, and reminds you of your dreams.

I refer to this natural intelligence as your “Inner Therapist”. From the safe and secure place of being your own therapist, you become a powerful healer and creator.


  • Get answers to the questions: “Why can’t I change?” “Why does this always happen to me?”
  • Identify the beliefs and stories that keep you stuck.
  • Learn techniques for silencing your inner critic.
  • Heal & Release old emotional hurts
  • Radiate confidence with your voice & in how you present to the world.
  • Boost your self-esteem and self worth.
  • Speak Your Truth.
  • Know your worth so you stop needing external validation.
  • Discover your strengths, gifts, and purpose.

Learn to Use Your Emotions Instead of Your Emotions Using You

I’ll teach you how to become an observer of your life. It’s an effective way to separate ourselves from our emotions. You’ll conduct thoughtful inventory of your thoughts, beliefs, and stories without judgment but with awe, humility, and love.

Transformation is Work but it Doesn’t Have to Hurt

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