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  Why Change Feels Hard & How You Can Make It Last

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Does change have to be difficult? Is it really possible to change your life in 7 days like some programs promise?

Change is the one constant in life and can’t be avoided. Listen in as Nikole explains why we tend to resist change and how a simple shift in your thinking will set you up for a smooth transition.

Confidence Coaching Begins With Self Trust

There is No One  Better Equipped to Help You…Than You!

You were born with three of the most important tools for navigating life here on earth.

1 – A brain that can adapt and change as you grow and evolve.

2 – An internal GPS that gives you all the emotional data you need to re-route and set a new destination.

3 – And self trust, the instinctual belief in your abilities and worth.

These tools make you uniquely equipped to be your own therapist. No one can heal or change you. They can only play a supporting role.

When Did You Stop Trusting Yourself?

It’s hard to trust your abilities and be self aware in a world determined to make you dependent.

As a kid, you were taught to conform at home and in school, losing yourself in the process. And as an adult you’re bombarded by ads designed to make you feel inadequate and a constant reminder that you should be living a better life.

Oh, and let’s not forget the mental health industry which has you convinced that feelings of anxiety and depression are signs you’re broken, and you can only be fixed with a drug.

Then there’s social media and its illusion of connectedness when in reality, people have never felt more isolated and insecure.

How are you supposed to have confidence and self worth when the world seems to be sending you the message that “You’re Not Enough?”


You seek out therapist, doctors, coaches, gurus, experts, books, programs; anything to help you break free from the mounting insecurity, doubt, and worry that keeps you stuck. And sometimes it helps—for a minute. Seems like only a matter of time before the new you gets hijacked by your old way of thinking.


When we look to forces or people outside ourselves to make us feel better, we risk becoming emotionally dependent on these external factors. Much in the same way we become dependent on food, alcohol, or drugs to make us feel better.

“We Get In the Habit of Looking to the World To Tell Us Who We Are & What We’re Worth.”


Practice & Develop at Your Own Pace & Set Your Own Schedule

Self Talk Reboot

Self Talk Tools

You can’t change what you can’t see. In order to boost your confidence, you must first become aware of how your words and thoughts influence how you feel about yourself.

I created my Self Talk Reboot programs to help you identify insecurity driven patterns in your language, thoughts, and beliefs. Learn how to Erase & Replace your negative self talk with powerful instruction for your new way of being.

*Includes visual guided imagery and musical melodies to help reinforce your learning.

You Got This!

I don’t have the power to change you and you don’t need to be fixed because you’re not broken. I don’t intend to transform your life in 30 days, and I can’t guarantee that my products and services will help you to live your best life.

What I offer you is a way to re-discover your self trust and develop your natural intuition for adapting and navigating your way through life with confidence and social freedom.

  • Use your words to create powerful instruction for your life.
  • Free yourself from the limitations people project onto you.
  • Identify the self talk that creates limitations in your life.
  • Stop people pleasing & social comparison with others.
  • Gain control over your emotions.
  • Re-discover your self worth.
  • Become more self-aware.
  • Speak with confidence.
  • Inspire change in others.
  • Heal old emotional pain.

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