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Personal & Professional Development for Women of Color

Learn to manage bias and exclusion and get emotional support for overcoming the doubt and inferiority that keeps you from realizing your potential.

A safe, supportive online space that provides personal and professional development courses, emotional support, and powerful resources for women of color. We have been conditioned to believe we are less than, inferior, unwanted; all while having to manage the doubt and insecurity that accompanies otherness.

As a result, we have become overwhelmed, depleted, hopeless from the fight, whether its politics, workplace advancement, or seeking peace in our personal lives. We’ve adopted this narrative of self-sacrifice. That we must be the ones to save us from ourselves. And so, we rely on the strength that’s carried us through to the point of exhaustion and with little to nothing left for ourselves.

We suffer because we have bought into the cultural belief that seeking help is a sign of weakness. So, we suffer in silence. And even if we’re able to overcome this barrier, we are stuck seeking support from traditional services that aren’t equipped to facilitate experiences of healing for women of color.

It’s Time to Stop the Suffering

Which is why I created this space for ALL WOMEN, especially women of color. In this safe, inclusive online community, you’ll get the support and tools you need to manage bias and exclusion, heal your emotional pain, and unleash your inner potential.

“Stop Looking to the World to Tell You Who You Are. Know Your Worth!


Rewrite Your Story

 Audio Programs

Silence Your Inner Critic

Identify the negative narratives and mental barriers that fuel your insecurities and diminish your potential. Learn how to level up your language and rewrite your story. 

You are the owner of a powerful tool—your mind. It will adopt the negative messages and stories that other people tell you. BUT, it can also change and adopt new beliefs and develop a powerful mindset based on the instructions you give it. 

The most effective way to change what people think about you, is to change what you think about yourself.

*Includes guided visual imagery and musical beats to help reinforce your learning.

Liberate Yourself!


Identify the negative stories that create limitations in your life.

Release and heal your emotional pain and generational trauma.

Free yourself from the limitations people project onto you.

Create a liberating lifestyle in a supportive community.

Overcome cultural bias in-and-out of the workplace.

Re-discover the healing power of music and nature.

Discover the power of emotional intelligence.

Stop allowing others to define your worth.

Take better care of your mind and body.

Learn to be an ally and support WOC.



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How to Question Your Beliefs

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When You’re Stuck in Survival Mode

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