Women Have Shared Experiences


I believe women possess an emotional intelligence which is the source of our strength, empathy, and capacity to help others heal and grow. The problem is that it’s both our medicine and our disease.


We’ll often shrink ourselves to make others feel big. We put other’s needs before our own until we no longer feel worthy. And we’ll carry another person’s pain because they can’t bear the load.


We’ve come to believe it’s our duty to care for those around us at our own expense. This belief is so deeply embedded in our psyche that we feel guilty or selfish when we try to shift the focus to ourselves.


I know why self-care is at the bottom of your list. You get overwhelmed with the emotional burden of your partner, your children, an aging parent, or a friend in need. It feels like there’s no room for your stuff to show up. So, you ignore it. You suppress it or distract yourself with work or social media. And you begin to feel as if your living someone else’s life.


There have been many times during my journey where I could not see past my pain. I was simply going through the motions. And what made it even more difficult is that the men in my life wanted to fix me. As if I were broken.


Women Empowering Women


It was always a woman who recognized my suffering. Some things can only be seen by another woman. We have so much in common and we have shared experiences that make us uniquely qualified to be empathetic to another woman’s pain.


I know we’ve been led to believe that we need to compete with one another for love, or work, or attention. But imagine if we took that energy and focused it towards lifting one another up. If we accepted differences and discovered the value of them.


We need one another because trying to be your best self in a world that wants you to be someone else is hard. Connection, community, and compassion are in our DNA. Let’s start by taking care of ourselves so that we have the strength and foundation to lift a fallen woman warrior. You are not in this alone. You have a sister in me.