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Motivational Speaker & Group Facilitator

If you were to ask my family, they’d tell you I’ve been speaking in front of audience since the age of 6. Back then it was a more captive audience: reluctant siblings, stuffed animals, dolls, and my dog that never missed a presentation.


My professional speaking career started in the field of mental health as a trainer and speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting to a variety of audiences to include students, mental health practitioners, parents, board of directors, employees, school faculty, non-profits, and law enforcement. You haven’t lived until you can get a room full of officers to laugh at your jokes.


I create and customize messages to fit the unique needs of your audience and your mission. While the message is important, my main goal is for attendees to feel connected. I use storytelling and humor to engage people with the hopes of shifting their energy and thinking. I want people to feel empowered.

Workshops & Speaker Presentations

Women's Health

Addresses the importance of self-care and how our health impacts our emotional state and ability to create and succeed.

The Power of Believing

This workshop will help attendees identify and transform their dis-empowering beliefs and language.

Finding Life Balanace

Is life balance even possible? Finding a more effective way to manage our time and have the life we want.

Finding Power in Your Pain

Explores how unresolved pain affects our health and keeps us stuck. Learn effective ways to use pain as fuel and inspiration.

Finding Your Tribe of Women

Discover why surrounding yourself by positive, like-minded women is important to your physical and emotional wellness.

Relationship Bootcamp

Gain insight into your relationship with SELF so that you can find/create/inspire the partner you need and deserve. Learn how to set & enforce boundaries in all your relationships.

Unleash Your Inner Therapist

Gain self awareness and insight into the emotions that control your life. Restore your inherent ability to manage your emotions and use them to help you process and heal unresolved pain.

Speaking Confidence

Does confidence feel like a foreign language to you? Gain insight into the words, beliefs, and habits that make you feel insecure. Learn how simply changing your language can change the way you feel and see yourself.

The Pursuit of Professional Fulfillment

What’s holding you back from the job or career you want? Explore the reasons we stay stuck and discover the key to setting yourself free. Includes tips for self employment and secondary income.

"I would love to have you back next year. Your presentation was fabulous and really offered parents a chance to learn how to help their families"

Ann Marie, Faculty Administrator

"Nikole, Thank you helping to make the Single Women's Conference a success! The information that you shared was life-changing. May God bless you!"

A. Hornaday, Conference Coordinator

“Nikole’s communication skills are without question and her ability to converse allows her to gain the confidence and trust of those she has contact with. It is always a pleasure to work with a strong, talented, and committed individual.”

Austin Phillips, Law Enforcement

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at WHW last night The topic was perfect for me at this point in my life. ”

Sylvia McDonald, Attendee at Women Helping Women Event

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