The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions

Plain and simple–resolutions are the equivalent to telling someone “I’ll call you”, when we have no intention on following through. They sound good but they are nothing more than lofty wishes. Intentions on the other hand, have the power to change the way you think. And thinking differently is what makes us act differently.

The Practice of Setting Intentions

Intention is defined as a planned aim or thought. Think of it as an idea that exist in our minds. We intend to get healthy. We intend to clean the house. We intend to make amends with someone we’ve wrong.


Intentions on their own are meaningful. They help us to change our internal dialogue and reduce the negative commentary that runs on a loop in our heads. Intentions also help us to prioritize what is important. They shape our attitudes and behavior, both good and bad.


As the managers of our minds, we have the power to choose good intention and bad intentions. The difference comes down to motive and purpose. Is your motive for the benefit of self or others or is it to cause harm?


Why Setting Good Intentions is Important


Good intentions are powerful agents of change when they are expressed and acted upon. Setting intentions is a wonderful way to create your new reality. Having no intentions or purpose-driven thoughts leaves us open to accepting whatever experiences show up in our lives. We have to put forth energy to bring that intention into existence.


If you want positive change in your life you need to be intentional about how change should happen. The holidays are a great time to practice setting intentions to help us transition into the new year.


Begin your practice by having gratitude for the awesome and challenging experiences in the past year. Refrain from focusing on pain and disappointment. Instead, recognize how you recovered, or learned, or evolved from those experiences. Then determine what you expect and intend to happen in the new year. Be clear and concise and don’t hold back. Don’t set intentions based on your current reality. Set intentions based on what you want your reality to be.


Here’s a sample of the type of intention declaration that I practice at the end of each year.


What a blessing to have had another year of life.

I feel so grateful to be here, alive and of sound mind and body.

It feels wonderful to know that I am loved and worthy of love.

I’m so grateful for the loving connections that I shared with people throughout this year.

There were many times when I struggled and was not my best self.

The moments of loss, frustration and pain seemed unbearable in those moments.

But as I look back at this year, I can see how my perseverance and strength pulled me through.

I was able to recover from those challenging times to be a better version of myself.

I celebrate the moments that I showed up for myself. They confirmed that I am worthy.

Those experiences also helped me to get clearer about what my life will be next year.

In (2018) I am healthy and healed from my past chronic health issues.

I eat only foods that nourish my body and help it to heal.

I practice daily meditations to nourish and heal my mind.

I’m surrounded by supportive, caring, and emotionally healthy people who share my values.

I have the confidence to speak my truth and learn how to set healthy boundaries in my relationships.

I go into the new year with the awareness that my fears greatly influence my parenting.

I discover a way to spend more time with my kids without it affecting my job.

I now know that failure is a necessary part of my journey to achieving success. I know that I can survive failure because I have in the past. My mistakes have been valuable lessons that have better equipped me to achieve my goals.

I am the creator of this new reality. I know that any information, skill, person, or opportunity I need to make these intentions my new reality will show up when I need it.


The holidays are a perfect time to practice setting intentions as we transition into the new year. Good intentions are powerful agents of change when they are expressed and acted upon. Join me as I share my personal practice for setting intentions and how you can use them to create your own new reality.