Continuing Education Management Course

Management Essentials Course

Are you seeking training and development opportunities for a health and human services management position in a public, private, or nonprofit organization? This course will increase your competency and confidence with a concentrated focus on foundational management knowledge and the development of interpersonal skills.

Course Benefits

  • Creates a pathway for upward mobility and diverse work experiences.
  • Helps you stand out in the job market and interviewing process.
  • Boost your confidence in managing employee challenges.
  • Demonstrates your competency and awareness of the skills needed to manage a human service organization.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to professional development and shows that your goals are in alignment with current trends.
  • Equips you with strategies for managing workforce and organizational challenges.

Your Instructor, Nikole Seals

So Honored to be featured in UCI Department of Continuing Education Magazine! I’m committed to changing the status quo and moving the helping professions into the 21st century where the workforce is valued and justly compensated. Join me…we need more leaders like you!

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