Master the Life Changing Power of Self Awareness


Conscious Counseling Services

My Counseling Services Address Suffering in the Form of:


  • Feelings of chronic stress and anxiety
  • Stuck in survival mode due to unresolved emotions or trauma
  • Feeling unappreciated, undervalued or dissatisfied in relationships/career
  • Disengaged from life as way not to feel disappointment, failure, or pressure
  • Engaged in toxic, unhealthy relationship(s)
  • Trapped in the role of caregiver with no end in sight
  • Daily struggle to overcome low-self worth & lack of confidence

Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs


Private online counseling is tailored to meet your unique needs, at a pace that’s right for you.


Your journey begins by gaining self awareness into the beliefs, behaviors and emotions that keep you stuck in survival mode.


You’ll learn how to interpret and manage your emotions without them controlling or consuming you.


With these new powerful tools and insight, you’ll create new vocabulary, beliefs, and mental road maps to overcome your perceived limitations for a more fulfilling life.

My Role is to Facilitate Your Development & Healing in the Following Ways:

Emotional Intelligence

Gain insight and understanding of your own emotions and learn to manage them in a way that helps you to connect with others

 Change Harmful Paradigms

All of the assumptions, narratives, scripts, beliefs, and mindsets you have acquired over time that keep you stuck and make you resistant to change

  • They determine how you think, feel, and act
  • They are unconscious and your mind’s default way of thinking
  • They are affected by your health and environment

Self Awareness

The act of looking at our lives from the seat of the observer to gain clarity into how our words, stories, beliefs, and emotions influence our behavior and determine our circumstances.

Helps to restore control and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Identifying Emotional Wounds & Trauma with Empathic Guidance

I do not heal emotional pain, but I have the empathic ability to guide you through the self-healing journey. In our partnership, you have the safety and emotional support to identify and give a voice to your pain and develop your innate ability to release and reframe it.

“You must remember…you are smarter and more powerful than your circumstances.”

Services Do Not Include:

Psychotherapy or the assessment of psychological functioning. I no longer practice clinical social work; therefore, I do not provide mental health diagnosis or treatment. If you are seeking help for a mental health disorder, substance abuse, severe trauma or legal matters, please seek the advice a licensed practitioner.