There are two types of people:

Powerless – those people who feel a high level of uncertainty and fear about life so they look outside of themselves to other people to tell them how they should live their lives; unfortunately this group of people experience low levels of success, lack confidence and often feel like they have no control over what happens to them or their family.

Empowered – those people who seek the truth, information and resources they need to make a decision or take action that is in their best interest; when their good decisions result in good outcomes, this creates an inner confidence that makes this group of people feel in control and they become the authority on what is best for them.

Which One Are You?

Let’s use some real life experiences to see the difference between the two:

Powerless: Your doctor diagnosis you with high blood pressure and declares that you will need to take Lipitor for the rest of your life. You fill the prescription without asking any questions and take the medication despite all of the known side effects (memory loss, suppressed sex drive, toxicity)

Empowered: You ask for a copy of your test results and research on the effectiveness of the drug. You tell your doctor that you will first try to lower your blood pressure with nutrition and exercise. If that doesn’t work you will consider short-term medication use.

Powerless: You buy expensive diet pills because a celebrity tells you that it worked for her. They work for 30 days but then you gain all the weight back plus you add on an additional five pounds because you are now depressed that another diet failed.

Empowered: You know that diets don’t work and that they are a waste of your money. You take the time to get educated and learn that you can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight simply by making better choices and committing to a healthy lifestyle. You stop looking for quick fixes.

How’d you do? If you find that you are still struggling to find your power, you may want to consider working with a life coach. The guidance of a skilled and experienced coach can help you to tap into your strengths and develop powerful strategies to take back control of your life. If you’d like to learn more about my coaching services, Contact ME  and let me know how I can help.

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