Set Realistic Goals for a Healthier Body

Getting healthy doesn’t require you to radically change your life or train like a professional athlete. Actually, it’s the little action we take every day that matters most. While setting goals to run a marathon or lose that muffin top by summer are great motivators; motivation can die out once the finish line is crossed. Don’t think of getting healthy as a goal—make it a habit. The more habits you create, the more improvements you’ll see.

You don’t need to start taking shots of wheat grass or buy an expensive membership to the gym. In fact, the best healthy habits are about avoiding/stopping old costly habits. Who knew getting healthy could free up some of your dollars?!

Get a mental image of what healthy looks like to you and then baby step your way to making your life reflect what you imagined. Forget the end results. Instead celebrate the daily victories like sleeping better, getting off of medications, seeing your doctor less, more energy, or getting a compliment on how good you look. The key is to create daily habits that just become a required part of your day, like bathing. (If you have yet to include bathing as a part of your regular routine, please add that to the list below)

Not sure where to begin? Here is a list of 25 things you can pick and choose from to start incorporating into your daily habits today. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a good first step.

  1. Take a Multi-vitamin and 1 gram of vitamin C daily
  2. Drink half your body weight in water each day (180 pounds = 90 ounces of water)
  3. Avoid eating anything from a can or box, fresh is best
  4. Have a green vegetable at every dinner
  5. Get physical for an hour (walk, workout, play, garden, yard work…you get the point)
  6. Stop using toxic household cleansers
  7. Turn off your wi-fi when you sleep
  8. Do not eat anything with high fructose corn syrup in it
  9. Get your produce from a farmers market (the more recent it came from the earth the better)
  10. Steam, broil, or bake…avoid frying and microwaving
  11. Buy organic produce and wild caught fish whenever possible
  12. Breathe deeply as many times throughout the day as possible
  13. Avoid drinking while eating (disrupts digestion)
  14. Stop drinking milk (you’re not a baby cow); especially during cold and flu season
  15. Replace old mercury fillings with safer non-toxic fillers
  16. Try to get at least 6 hours or more of sleep (this is how your body heals)
  17. Keep all phones and computers out of the bedroom (this will help you to do #16)
  18. Don’t eat burnt meat…it’s a carcinogen!
  19. Reset your digestive tract by going a week each month without eating meat
  20. Take an Omega 3 supplement
  21. Remove artificial sweeteners from your diet and from your home
  22. Limit your alcohol intake (alcohol will age you faster than time)
  23. End each day by sitting quietly, breathing deeply, and thinking of all the things you are grateful for (health, family, friends, love, a home, your safety, your freedom)
  24. Expose your skin to the sun and your bare feet to the earth for 15 minutes each day
  25. Evaluate your healthcare provider; if your doctor doesn’t listen and is a pill pusher, find a new doctor (try a naturopath, DO, integrative health practitioner, or a doctor who practices functional medicine)

For more information on how to get a healthy body read my book Secrets to Healthy Aging.


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