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Master the Life Changing Power of Self Awareness

10 of the Most Common Ways We Self Sabotage

Overeating to self soothe from stress or depression.

Procrastinate and then berate yourself for putting things off.

Be passive-aggressive with people to mask your insecurities.

Listening to your negative self talk and believing your inner critic.

Create drama or damage in your relationships to push people away.

Suffer from imposter syndrome and question your abilities and success.

Shrink yourself to make others feel better out of the need to please people.

Try to predict or control failures in your life as a way to manage disappointment.

Numb yourself or self medicate with alcohol or drugs to avoid emotional suffering.

Emotionally withdrawing from a relationship as a way to protect yourself from the disappointment of not getting your needs met.

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Which is why changing your self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors can feel so difficult.

These thoughts and behaviors are especially insidious because they’re often habitual and tend to go unnoticed.

Left unchecked, they reinforce feelings of worthlessness and slowly chip away at your self esteem.

Your left feeling incapable and undeserving of having the relationships, career, health, or finances you desire.

Self awareness is the skill and practice of sitting in your truth. It’s about seeing and understanding yourself as you are, not as the representative you send out into the world.

It is only through this unfiltered lens that you can liberate yourself from emotional suffering to reconnect with your dreams and potential.

Conscious Counseling teaches you how to identify and overcome self sabotaging beliefs, behaviors and emotions.

I’ll teach you how to become an observer of your life.

Together we’ll conduct thoughtful inventory of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and stories without judgment but with curiosity, compassion, and acceptance.


Over the Past 10 Years, I’ve Helped Hundreds of Clients to:


  • Liberate themselves by healing old emotional wounds.
  • Stop the cycle of generation trauma in their family.
  • Elevate their self worth no longer needing external validation.
  • Recognize their value and diminish the need to please people.
  • Improve their relationships by learning to set and enforce boundaries.
  • Silence their inner critic by rewriting their stories and reframing their self talk.
  • Strengthening their emotional resilience to cope with unforeseeable challenges and crisis.
  • Re-invent their careers to find meaningful work where they feel appreciated.
  • Stop self-harming behaviors by creating self care routines to promote self love.
  • Discover their unique gifts and abilities they never knew existed.

Restore Your Confidence and Control.

Transformation Stories

I was introduced to Nikole to help a good friend going through some issues.  Shortly after I was faced with a family crisis of my own. Nikole helped us navigate through the process of identifying the underlying issues that had been unaddressed for decades. Nikole was instrumental in making recovery possible.  We are truly and honestly grateful.

Maria Perez

Legal Secretary

I started working with Nikole last year when I was going through a separation. I knew in my heart that she would be the only one who could save my family. Her advice and guidance has allowed growth both in my personal life and with my family and resulted in the family reuniting. I love her approach and her healing method and have referred her to over a dozen clients. What she has done for me and my family is priceless and I will forever be in her debt.

Roberto Festekjian

Business Owner, Celebrity Stylist

Nikole is a special coach who genuinely takes the time to get to know you and help you reach your goals. She has a style the encourages you to work hard to get to the heart of the issue. I really struggled with dating again after my divorce and Nikole helped me to learn what I was really afraid of, to move past that and address it. With her support I was ready to begin dating and now am happily in a healthy long term relationship.

Michael Hanna

Self Employed

Nikole helped me find my voice and encouraged me to speak my voice because my opinions mattered and deserved to be valued. She helped me improve my self-esteem and self-confidence in employment. Nikole coached me on different techniques and was a true mentor to me.

Chanel Kunkel

Nurse, Rockstar Millennial

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